GetaVision is a social action, advocacy and civil rights organization with a focus on the LGBTQ community, with fiscal sponsorship by 501(c) Metropolitan Community Charities.  We are a community, family & friends championing economic, health and social justice, while supporting those facing health & financial challenges.  Join us in powering up a new social, economic & health power grid connected through our hearts.  It all begins with compassion.

We're joining together with the Charter for Compassion, International Compassion Gamess, the Happiness Alliance and other organizations and people around the world, in the development of a new social, economic and health-enhancing paradigm. 

We envision a compassionate world, where no one goes hungry,
everyone gets the medical attention they need,
no one harms the environment or each other.  

The GetaVision programs are designed to bring both hope and help in practical ways -- and to inspire you with a new vision for your life.  They are designed to create a community-wide support system with complementary currencies, community circles and alternative funding opportunities for local projects, businesses and everyday people.

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